Advantages & Benefits of uPVC


  • uPVC provides Perfect insulation; that means it keeps the cold out and the warmth in during winter vice versa in summer.

  • uPVC is highly hygienic and keeps dust, polling, wind and bacteria out while closed.

  • uPVC blocks out the noise from outside and retains privacy by keeping indoor noise blocked.

  • uPVC virtually needs no maintenance; no painting, sanding or warping required.

  • uPVC is safe on heating and cooling bills.

  • uPVC is not affected by wind, dust particles, sun and other natural elements.

  • uPVC products are fully recyclable.

  • uPVC provides superb safety with highly advanced multipoint locking systems all around.

  • uPVC windows are made to size and this makes it easy to replace.

  • In uPVC various color options are available.

  • uPVC windows & doors are easy to clean and easy to operate.

  • In uPVC, integral lift rails, interlocks and weather-stripping pockets are available.


S.No. Description Wood Aluminum KOMMERLING
1 High impact resistance
2 Unaffected by temperature
3 Corrosion resistance
4 Resistance to exhaust fumes and building industry chemicals
5 Aging resistance
6 Sea water resistance
7 Protective painting or polishing required
8 High insulation qualities
9 Good sound dampening
10 Wind proof
11 No condensation or thermal expansion
12 Adaptable to meet architectural requirement
13 Can be formed into aesthetically pleasing shapes
14 Can be used in most varied climatic conditions
15 Qualities and appearance are stable even after years of external use
16 Ecologically sound as it is practically 100% recyclable