Lift & Slide

Greenline offers a range of lift and slide doors to complement the overall home d├ęcor and interior. Suitable for people who prefer clear view with the bigger size of the doors at home. Lift and slide is a very popular variety available in the market, today. Manufactured with the highest engineering techniques, lift and slide doors offer smooth functioning than any other standard sliding system. These doors use thick profile section that enables us to use fewer panels in the sliding system. The use of fewer panels makes it roll smoothly and easy to use at home and offices. Being big, these windows give you a panoramic view and make your room glowing and spacious. Therefore, many people use lift and slide doors as an extension of their living rooms.

Slide & Fold

Greenline presents a whole range of exquisite slide and fold windows and doors for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to replace your old and monotonous looking door to a fresh and large bi-fold door; a slide and fold can add a lot of flexibility and make your entrance grand and welcoming. With more flexibility and comfort, the usability of slide and fold doors and windows can definitely add a new dimension to your homes and offices. This unique combination gives not only a dramatic effect, but makes your surroundings appear spacious and large. These days, glass slide and fold doors and windows are in vogue.